Nancy K Dillon | American Songs & Stories: Echoes From the Future Meet Ghosts From the Past

Nancy K. Dillon is an award-winning American singer/songwriter possessing an extraordinary voice of warmth & expression, vulnerability and strength who mines a unique vein of 'avant guarde' Americana in compelling tales of mythopoetic darkness and light. She has two solo albums to her credit with a third due out in 2016.

On her new CD, "A Game of Swans," Dillon hearkens back to her immigrant roots in the Old Country with - just as her ancestors - eyes firmly forward listening to her dreams and watching for signs leading into a New Future. The 11 tracks on "A Game of Swans" reveal ancestral strains of Celtic folk culture migrated to America which have always flowed just beneath the surface of Dillon's music.

New songs for the album include originals, collaborations & covers by Drew Nelson, Janni Littlepage and Pat Long and draw characters from lost gold mines, haunted pioneer cabins, railroad hobos and immigrants' prayers for Civil War last chances. Simpatico musical support from uber-talented friends in America, Britain and Scotland color this new project with the perfect tones.

Inspired by the varied migratory paths taken by both her Southern Loyalist and Scots-Irish Presbyterian forebears as they aimed towards better futures, she herself took flight from her beloved home state of Oklahoma into the vast American West. Settling in the verdant beauty of the Pacific Northwest allows for the road trips which still the mind and feed the imagination.

As a patchwork quilt holds pastel memories of summer dreams and dresses, Dillon's song-catcher sensibilities capture ephemera of the American story. Have a listen....hearken back....and forward.


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